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Don’t miss a beat in the world of celebrity breaking news and trending celebrity news. From arrests, “I do’s” to viral social media posts, Fox News rounds up all of the most important Hollywood news every day so you’re always in-the-know.

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Fox News is also your go-to source when it comes to coverage of the entertainment industry. Whether Hollywood award shows – and their biggest surprises and snubs – pique your interest or you’re figuring out what to view next – our film and TV lists have got you covered – find out the latest in the business world of Hollywood. Plus, read exclusive one-one-one interviews with exclusive photos and videos.

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Hollywood stars never miss when it comes to delivering head-turning looks and stylish fashion, be sure to check out this page often to see splashy photos – and celebrity gossip – from premieres, red carpets, award shows, and fashion events.


Who doesn’t love a good royal family story? From the latest on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s life to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s most recent outing – Fox News has all of the news from across the pond – all in one place.