The Supreme Court review could damage the Trump case. 
December 18, 2023

Shadow over Jan. 6 prosecutions

The Supreme Court review could damage the Trump case. 

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Jason Chaffetz said the House Biden impeachment probe "strengthens their legal hand" because the President appears compromised. He also said that testifying before Congress “is like an open book test,” so Harvard University President Claudine Gay must be incompetent since she couldn’t get her testimony on antisemitism right.


Lucy Caldwell said that if the media wanted to help Biden with his base, they would be covering the Biden impeachment inquiry “from the rooftops." She also said that some are "playing the race card" to defend Harvard University for keeping President Claudine Gay after she failed to condemn antisemitism in a congressional hearing earlier this month.


Byron York said former Trump campaign attorney Rudy Giuliani defamed two Georgia election workers, but $148 million in damages from a DC jury is "obviously a crazy, excessive award." He also said that Jack Smith appealing directly to the Supreme Court in the January 6th case “was something he absolutely had to do” if he wanted to convict Trump by 2024, but Trump has the right to claim presidential immunity.


Laura Fink said the $148 million in punitive damages levied upon Rudy Giuliani for his comments on two Georgia election workers “were to send a message that words matter and defamation matters." She also said that when it comes to the Special Counsel’s January 6th case, kicking the can down the road is “the legal strategy of Donald Trump.”


Trey Yingst said that President Biden is “absolutely right” when he says that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is hurting the Israelis in terms of world opinion. He also said of the stalemate in Congress over aid to Ukraine that “if American support doesn’t get there quick enough, they will lose more and more territory to the Russians.”